Roofing services

Need a New Roof Over Your Head?

Schedule residential roofing services, based in Findlay, OH, service Northwest and Central Ohio

Typically, a roof will last around 20 years barring damaging weather events. After that time, it’s a good idea to schedule a roof replacement with Brolex Builders LLC. We offer a variety of residential roofing services to keep your Findlay, OH home in good condition.

You can rely on us to tear off your existing roof down to the bare decking. From shingled roofs to metal roofs, we have to expertise to handle a variety of roof installation and repair tasks.

We also provide emergency roof repairs and will work with your insurance company to process your claim. After a bad storm, contact the roofing experts and then rest assured that your home is in good hands.

4 ways that we go the extra mile for you

In addition to offering comprehensive residential roofing services, we take extra steps to bring you the best service possible. Here are examples of the ways we bring you exceptional roofing services every day:

  1. Before installing your new roof, we always check for rotten areas of decking.
  2. We discuss your options and agree on a plan before moving forward with the work.
  3. We always make sure there’s adequate ventilation for your new roof.
  4. When we finish a project, the job site will be cleared of debris so it looks like it did when we first arrived at your home or business.

Call now to schedule your residential roofing services with Brolex Builders.