Storm damage roof repair


Your Local Roofing Expert on Storm, Hail, and Wind Damage

Ohio roofs take on an extreme variety of elements, from high winds, sleet, snow and even hail. Most of the time there is nothing you can do to stop Mother Nature's effects on your roof. At Brolex Builders, we will guide you through the entire insurance process from storm, wind, or hail damage to your roof. We have many years of experience working directly with insurance companies and a history of getting claims resolved quickly and hassle free. Based out of Findlay, Ohio, Brolex Builders services customers with storm damage across Central and Northwest Ohio.

Who Choose Brolex Builders for your emergency roof repair?

  • We have an in-house estimator with experience as an insurance adjuster
  • We will meet the adjuster on your behalf to ensure you receive all the coverage you are entiled to
  • We use the same estimating software as majority of the insurance companies. By using this, we can write up a true estimate of actual costs to miror the insurance companies. If there are differences, we will supplement the insurance company to get the proper funds to complete the roof per code and manufacture specs
  • By working with Brolex Builders, you can feel reassured that we are working in your best interests

Steps for filing an insurance Claim

  • 1.Call your local expert - Brolex Builders - 419-721-4501
  • 2. We will inspect your roof and let you know whether or not there is enough storm, wind, or hail damage to call for an insurance claim.
  • 3. File a claim with your insurance company and let us know when the adjuster schedules his appointment to inspect the roof.
  • 4. We will meet the adjuster on site. This eliminates them guessing on storm damage, or trying to take advantage of the homeowner.
  • 5. We mark up all the damage we see, and work on behalf of the homeowner to get the claim approved.
  • 6. Once claims are approved, we supplement any missing parts to the job the adjuster may have left off his/her estimate.
  • 7. Roof is installed.
  • 8. Once job is complete we send the insurance company a copy of the invoice and a certificate of completion and then the insurance company releases the depreciation held on the property.

When a roof is approved, we work for the insurance proceeds.  The only out of pocket money due from the homeowner is the deductible from the policy.  This creates a hassle free situation as the homeowner knows its cost from the get go.