Beware of Water Corrosion

Water is one of the most corrosive chemicals on the planet. It will dissolve more substances than any other known to man. Ironic, isn’t it, that we need it to live, to make our food and provides the base of everything we drink.

Beware of Water Corrosion on Your Roof | Brolex BuildersJust three days without water and most humans will die – yet water can cause immense damage to your property.

Water will always, always take the path of least resistance and – coupled with its friend gravity – it will always, always find its way down. Your roof is your first and best line of defense to keep water where you want it – on the outside of your home.

The smallest hole in your roof – a missing shingle or a crack in sealant – and the rain will start to find its way in, since heading down is easier than along. Which is why it is so important to inspect your roof regularly – you may have a problem you don’t even know about yet.

If water is getting past your roof, it may take a long time to work its way further inside until the point that you notice it. By the time a drip gets through your ceiling there could be untold damage behind the scenes, to drywall, insulation, roof timbers.

Remember – water dissolves chemicals and minerals. Slowly, maybe, but most assuredly. Plus, it will increase moisture levels in wood, creating ideal growing grounds for spores, molds and bugs – all of which cause their own damage to your property.

Take the time to look over your roof regularly from the ground. If you have widows in the attic that let you get up closer, do so.

And if it is safe to do so – but only if it is safe – it may be worth getting onto your roof and looking at those hard-to-see spots like the sealing and flashing around the chimney.

If you are not sure what you are looking for, or spot an issue, or just don’t feel safe on your roof- no problem, just give Brolex Builders a call.

We would be delighted to come and give your roof a free inspection to put your mind at rest – and if we do spot any problems we would be happy to provide a compeittive quote to get it all fixed.

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Water is one of the most corrosive chemicals on the planet. It will dissolve more substances than any other known to man.

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