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Gutters are not the most glamorous part of home maintenance and repair, which is why they are often overlooked. But they are absolutely vital in keeping water away from the fabric of your property – and if they fail you will soon find yourself with much bigger problems to contend with.

Water will always take the easiest path ahead of it, and good guttering is designed to offer just that path - away from your home. Gutters take water away from your house and drain it away where it will not cause damage to your home.

Gutters to Withstand Ohio's Weather

Living in Ohio, you know one day you can have a snow storm, and the next you can have a thunderstorm. With the weather bringing regular storms, rain and hail – and even many feet of snow sitting on top of your property for weeks at a time – it is all the more important for that water to drain the right way, and not into your home.

Keeping Your Foundation Safe

Gutters keep water away from your foundations, where water damage can get very costly to fix – and if you are having water damage there it often goes unnoticed until far too late for a quick fix, resulting in basement flooding issues and damage to all your possessions.

Repair or Replace Your Gutters

Brolex Builders can repair and replace your guttering and downspouts easily, ensuring water drains away from your home or towards storm drains. We have the expertise to slope guttering correctly so water keeps flowing and does not sit stagnating, when it also easier for clogging with leaves and debris to occur.

Brolex Builders manufacture your new gutters on site, to the exact length required – we can make 70ft continuous runs without seams ensuring many fewer points of failure. We can mage guttering in either five- or six-inch widths as well as install gutter guards to keep junk out and water flowing freely.

New gutters are an ideal complement to a roof replacement, ensuring your home is weatherproofed for years to come. Call Brolex Builders today for a free consultation.

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