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Siding is both practical and aesthetic – it tells people immediately what type of home you have and what period it is from. It is the outer layer of skin for your house and is the first line of protection against the elements, so it is vital your siding is well installed and well maintained.

Modern Siding

Siding adds character to your home – and with modern vinyl siding there are a wide array of colors and textures available to make a statement.

We would be delighted to talk with you over your siding needs to reflect your type of home, your personal preferences, your weatherproofing needs – and of course, your budget.

Brolex Builders works with the latest in vinyl siding materials and it often makes sense to look at replacing your siding along with your roof, as the two connect together to create the necessary weatherproof seal around your home. Once there is a problem with one, there is often a problem with the other.

Materials Fit for the Climate

Vinyl siding is ideal for the Ohio climate as it is good in both the sun and the harsh winters it is exposed to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our experienced crews can fit vinyl siding much more quickly than other types of siding, such as traditional wood. By using vinyl siding, we're able to reduce the time we spend on-site and create substantially less mess.

Vinyl suits a family budget much better than other forms of siding such as wood or stone, and it requires very little maintenance – just an occasional clean. It also never rots, unlike wood.

Our crews can install your choices of color and texture either vertically or horizontally, which can give the effect of a whole new makeover for your home – and will weatherproof you for years to come.

Call Brolex Builders today for a free, no-obligation quotation on installing new vinyl siding now.

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Brolex Builders was established in 2009 and uses experienced and expert crews with decades of combined experience in roofing and general contracting.

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