Why You Need to Keep an Eye on Your Roof this Spring

With the spring bringing typical Ohio weather once again, it is a great time of year to keep an eye on your roof.

Storms Bring Potential for Property Damage

The reason is twofold – firstly the storms themselves likely to cause damage to your roof, which is the main protection your family and all your possessions has against the weather. And secondly, once we move into the long hot summer days, if you did sustain damage then now is the time to get it fixed.

Many people do not realize the damage wind alone can cause to your roof, lifting shingles or pulling them off altogether. If they are in a hard-to-see place you may not even know you have a problem until the winter arrives, bringing the rain with it. Meaning the first you know about it is when you get the ominous drip, drip, drip of water making its way through your ceiling and damaging your property.

Goodness knows what damage the water may have caused in the many months between now and then – if it is noticeable inside your house it has probably been letting water in for months slowly but surely.

So, take care of your family and property – make sure you check your roof after every strong wind or storm, giving it a good look over for loose or missing shingles.

Give Your Roof a Thorough Inspection

Repair damaged Gutters | Brolex BuildersAs soon as the stormy days have passed it is worth giving your roof an extra special and thorough inspection. If you have easy access and can get on top safely, do so and inspect all he parts you cannot normally see from the ground – round chimneys and windows in particular.

(And check your gutters while you are at it – another source of easily fixed water damage problems.) But if you are not confident about climbing up, rest assured you do not have to. That is what we are here for. Just give our experts a call and we will be delighted to come and inspect your roof for you – free of charge.

Whether you do it yourself, and call us out when you spot a problem, or ask us to take care of it for you, Brolex Builders will make sure your roof is secure and sealed. And if repairs are needed then the summer months are the ideal time to get them done – our crews can work quickly in the dry days, when there is little danger of rain getting into your home.

This makes sure your roof is good to go for the next winter well ahead of any bad weather.

Call Brolex Builders today to inspect your roof – free of charge – and rest assured your home and family will be kept dry.

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Why You Need to Keep an Eye on Your Roof this Spring

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May 02, 2018 Category: Property Damage And Restoration

With the spring bringing typical Ohio weather once again, it is a great time of year to keep an eye on your roof.

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